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TEDxUniversityofBrighton would not happen without our partners, Thank You!

We are extremely excited to be able to host such an iconic and prestigious event and, as potential partners, we hope you share our passion for this amazing opportunity. As we continue to develop this event, those who sponsor TEDx University of Brighton from the beginning will benefit from maximum exposure as well as being able to join us on our journey of growth and success over the coming years.

TEDxUniversityofBrighton Sponsorship Packages 2017

  • Why Support TEDxUniversityofBrighton

    - Engage both existing and potencial customers

    - Support innovative university project

    - Be part of growing society at University of Brighton and local area sharing ideas and bringing new innovations to live. TEDxUniversity of Brighton provides a vital year round platform for individuals and groups to both celebrate and discover new innovations.

  • TEDxUniversityofBrighton 2016 Highlights

    - Tickets sold out within first 5 days of releasing (100  limited by the TED licence) + 246 individuals from 26 countries watched the event on livestream. 

    - Events live streamed by authorised organizers in Spain, France, Netherlands and USA

    - To date (Sep 2016) over 200 000 people viewed our talks on YouTube

    - 1 500 unique web visits in March alone, 500 each month on average after the event.

    - Delivered a combined and potentian online reach of 20 000

    - Gained strong support from local and national businesses and individuals

    - Attendees, speakers and those who watched videos loved the theme

    - Overall satisfaction was 8.7 out of 10

    - 82% of attendees would recomend attending the next event

    - Events was featured in local and international newspapers including Argus (Brighton) and The Times of India

  • 2017 Package Sponsorship

    Overall Sponsorship Packages available for at £1k, £2k, and £5k 


    - Tickets to the event

    - Branding on website and emails

    - Branding and advertising in TEDxUniversityofBrighton programme

    - Company Logo placement at the beginning of each talk (3 second slots)

    - Recognition as TEDxUniversity of Brighton Partner by host at the beginning and end of the event

    - Personalised advertising space in front of auditorium

    - Logo placement on crossroads during break session

    - Promotion products in the gift bags 


- TEDx event is an exciting and thrilling opportunity, not just for the University and the Team, but also for the partners who get involved. We are hoping this event will become a regular occurrence with the University, developing and intensifying with each year.

- Sponsorship will prove that you relate to the conscientious and academic nature of Brighton.

- Shows that your organisation invests in the interests of your local community.

- Associates your brand with a world leading organisation in spreading innovation.

- Sponsorship exposes you to like-minded individuals and organisations who want to collaborate and promote change.

- Begin a long-term relationship with an organisation that resonates deeply with Brighton’s core principles; forward thinking, progression and community.

- Give yourself the tools to leverage ideas, technologies, design and education to help create a better future.

- Reach an enormous community of innovators and influencers worldwide through TED’s social media.

- We believe that becoming a partner of TEDx University of Brighton event is a perfect way to demonstrate your willingness to help promote innovation, invest in your local community, engage heavily with the key educational institutions in Brighton and gain access to a massive community of professionals and change leaders. This opportunity will expose you to many new ideas and partnerships and we are sure all relationships will be fruitful and substantial.


For more information on how your company can sponsor or support TEDxUniversityofBrighton please contact Martin Kmiecik, Event and Partnership Director at

Sallis Benney Theatre
58-67 Grand Parade
Brighton, ESX, BN2 0JY
United Kingdom